There are three options for selecting mRNA expression and protein abundance datasets for analysis by PARE.

(A) Choose from the pre-collected datasets.
      (1) Choose an organism
      (2) The drop-down menus under mRNA expression and protein abundance will be populated according to the organism selected. Choose a dataset from each menu (or upload a file; see option B).

(B) Upload datasets.
      Use the "Browse" button(s) under mRNA expression and/or protein abundance to select the data file on your local computer to be uploaded.

(C) Retrieve datasets from external databases (SymAtlas, NCBI GEO, YPED)
      (1) Use the link below the "Choose datasets" section to visit the external database of your choice.
      (2) Select a dataset from the external database and download it to your local computer
      (3) Follow the above instructions (option B) for uploading the dataset(s)

After you have selected both datasets, proceed to the Analysis section.

CAVEAT: It is important to note that when selecting datasets for correlation, t he conditions under which the mRNA and protein datasets were recorded should be as similar as possible (i.e., the datasets should be "matched").